How a Social Secuirty Disability Lawyer Can Help You Through the Process

Disability is a generic term used to refer to benefits paid by the government to individuals that have become disabled as the result of an injury or some underlying health condition. In the United States, these benefits are paid for by the Social Security Administration.

Unfortunately, sometimes the disabled have trouble obtaining the benefits they are owed by the government. If this is the case, that person should contact a social security disability lawyer. Below is some information you should now if you are seeking social security disability help.

The Initial Application

One of the best reasons to hire a social security disability lawyer is that it can greatly increase the chances of your application for disability benefits being approved. Dismissals of applications are indeed quite common. In fact, the number of applications that are denied is well over 60 percent.

This means, ignoring all other factors, you are statistically more likely to be denied than not. One of the only ways to improve your chances is to hire a seasoned disability lawyer that knows the system and what to do to get your claim approved on the first try.

Things such a lawyer should know how to do include being able to prove that your disability does indeed match one of the impairments included in the Social Security Administration’s “Blue Book.” How to deal with the application’s date of “alleged onset” of your condition is also something an attorney can help you with.

When Your Application Is Denied

If you wish to appeal a denied application, the skills of a trained lawyer are absolutely necessary. If you are forced to appeal, you shouldn’t give up. You have a much better chance at winning benefits after an appeal than you do if you wait to file another application.

The appeal process involves attending a hearing where a case will be presented in front of an administrative law judge. If you have good representation from a skillful lawyer, you have a very good chance of winning your claim for disability benefits. Representing yourself, however, is probably far more risky since you won’t be as knowledgeable of the law or the process.

If the judge rejects your appeal, you may appeal again to an appeals council. Again, having proper legal representation during this step is incredibly important.

Choosing the Right Disability Lawyer

To receive quality social security disability help during the application or appeal process, you should hire a qualified disability lawyer. Once you find a good candidate, make sure to obtain a consultation before you commit.

After reviewing the facts of your particular disability case, such a lawyer should be able to determine whether or not your case is likely to succeed. You should also ask for that attorney’s approval rate as well as the percentage of those approvals that included full disability benefits.