Marriage Is really a Law from the Sun

While the actual struggle with regard to marriage equal rights has taken the minds and minds of numerous nowadays it’s the foundation of the actual act that requires exposure. It’s a law based on sun worship and also the dreams associated with men to increase into the actual heavens and be gods. My research involved with it and the actual roots associated with religions born from this took me to Babylon once the Spirit commissioned me personally to ‘tear lower the walls of church buildings and restore the young’.
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This particular followed my personal reincarnation as well as knowledge which heaven as well as hell tend to be non-existent as well as born associated with man’s goals. Such was a part of his purchase of energy and ability to defend myself against the standing of divine energy while slowly destroying God from the spiritual kids of Israel. They were proven to me like a group have been seeded along with Spirit in the beginning of your day of god, the father, some four, 000 in years past.

At the same time frame sun praise took hold as the very first organised religion depending on a brand new dream. This happened within Babylon exactly where my investigation took me personally following which first fee. Many thoughts were obtained that described how as well as why the kids were taken and from the wall which was put as much as hide the actual God and also the truth.

The following commission came whenever a man on the cross stood before me. He raised his visit look me within the eyes as well as he known as my title, “Norma”. Inside We heard “take me from the cross. inch

The appear on their face in no way leaves me since it reflected being rejected, confusion, reduction, innocence, along with a big query mark — WHY? It was what I required to discover.

The God I understand is the truly amazing Creative Power from the Universe. It is actually Spirit and never man which is impossible to use it a mix or destroy it but this is the way the kids are taught to locate God. To be able to reach all of them the Spirit needs to become the person on the actual cross as well as accept their own vision prior to refreshing their connect to it.

The simple brain couldn’t determine the God they can’t manage and change. The sun-star had been called ‘Ma-r-y’ or even ‘mother’s effective eye’. This really is known since the Spirit trained me how you can take phrases apart and browse the past just like a book. The ‘star’ seems when gentle disperses to the rainbow colored rings associated with moving lighting. Central to it’s the cross.

Men utilized the cross to raise them to the heavens as well as ‘marry’ Jane. This created them in to Father God’s within the eyes of these who adopted them. It had been the increase of patriarchy however the religion delivered of it’s the basis of belief techniques. Marriage is really a dream associated with men based on sun worship and also the Islamic faith of Babylon, where proof of the very first crucifixions is situated.