Regulation Book Evaluation: Land Laws and regulations Under Solitary Shadow

Book’s Name: Lectures upon Land Regulation
Author: Doctor. Mohammad Towhidul Islam
Writer: Northern College Bangladesh (NUB)
Very first Published: 06 2013
Cost shown: 500 Taka
Webpages: 546
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There’s a common perception within our country which laws associated with land tend to be complex which is expert job to comprehend and apply what the law states. Indeed, it’s true how the method associated with land dimension system demands expert understanding. Moreover, units in order to measure land are very peculiar and never universal in the united states. On the actual contrary, due to high development of populace and shortage of property, land associated disputes tend to be increased daily, which had about 80% in our total municipal litigation.

Nevertheless, apart through these situations, there can also be real scarcity of the single educational book, which consists of all facets of current property laws. Since the area in our land regulation is huge and these types of subject issues are talk about individually in several books. After i started my personal carrier from an college, I had been assigned in order to conduct courses on property laws. I will remember those times when We felt unaided due to my failure to find out an helpful sole guide on property laws. As a result, I suggested lots of books in order to my college students, which eventually fall them inside a worthless heavy ocean, exactly where they simply found mainly repealed, spread, intricate and somewhat valueless laws and regulations. I wish to give because of Dr. Michael Towhidul Islam, that takes effort to save the college students from which bottomless sea by their new guide titled “Lectures upon Land Law”.

The customary scholastic property law publications typically include history; their state Acquisition & Tenancy Behave, 1950; the actual Non-Agricultural & Tenancy Behave, 1949; procedures of pre-emption; alluvion-diluvion, acquisition-requisition plus some other part of land regulation individually whilst this guide covers development, transfer as well as extermination associated with land privileges in solitary cover. This talked about book presents immutable areas of land regulation under just one shadow, which include provisions associated with registration, easement, open public demand recuperation, trust, rent, mortgage, transfer associated with immoveable property along with other inalienable supplies concerning actual property; although precisely. Normally all of us studied these types of topics individually whereas worldwide students adhere to this pattern to review real property law all around the earth.

This unique book additionally discusses on just about all indissoluble areas of land regulation i. at the. land management, settlement associated with Khas property, Khatiyan, mutation, property taxes and so on. Author primarily formulates this particular book through his course lectures, which additionally reflects within the name associated with his guide. Consequently, the book could be more accessible for that teachers as well as students to understand multifaceted problems of property law within easy as well as class pleasant way. More to the point, Dr. Islam discharge them type buying subject wise publications. Another cause of intricacy associated with land regulation is utilization of obscure phrases and foggy ‘languages’ even within Bangla publications whereas Towhidul Islam constructs each and every sentence intelligibly. Now college students will acquire dual take advantage of this solitary book; the first is purely educational knowledge as well as rest on is sensible aspects such as dispute, that is more essential for a to-be attorney.

Lectures upon Land Regulation is inimitable since it creates scopes with regard to further dialogue and In my opinion that the writer can arise query in readers’ thoughts and it can help them to improve their attention to reveal the unmarked corner associated with land management rather than reluctance as well as complexity in order to land issues. In add-on, this Asso. Prof. of regulation also creates his book in this lucid method where their prospective readers will find a scope to consider from practitioners’ viewpoint.

First chapter from the mentioned book handles importance associated with studying property laws as well as introductory problems. In following chapters (2-4) the actual writer enumerates historic development, possession and property administration within Bangladesh. Chapter five of the book deals with with purchase of Zamindary system and it is impact. The following following chapters (6-9) elucidate tenancy privileges, record associated with rights, move, consolidation, combinations & sub-division associated with land. After that in section ten & 11, Dr. Islam narrates regarding registration as well as procedure associated with mutation. Consequently, he inscribes regarding pre-emption, sub-letting, alluvion-diluvion, easement as well as prescription within chapter 12-15 respectively. Next, in section 16-18 the actual book demonstrates provisions concerning acquisition & requisition associated with land, forgotten and vested qualities. Later, Towhidul clarifies land taxation’s, certificate instances and administration & negotiation of Khas countries in section 19-21. Finally, in section 22 this particular faculty person in DU articulates procedure for land reforms that may aid the city to make sure economic as well as social justice by giving painless as well as equal use of land as well as land management in Bangladesh.