Stressbusting: The Big Five


Image Source: Flickr

No matter how calm and collected you may feel most of the time, every single one of us is prone to stress at some point. It is how we deal with this unavoidable, if occasional visitor, that really defines our quality of life. As far as stress is concerned, there are said to be five events that cause more of it, for more people, than any other:


  • Bereavement
  • Divorce
  • Moving House
  • Job Loss
  • Illness

Let’s talk about the best ways to face each of these, in a way that is both effective and healthy at the same time.

Bereavement – This type of stress is also known as grief, and the best strategy for dealing with this is a combination of letting go and positive thinking. Of course, you cannot bring that loved one back, but neither should you try to totally forget about them. By thinking positive thoughts and remembering the good times, you can begin to face the future. They will never be forgotten, but life will go on and it is best for you to embrace whatever lies ahead, no matter how much you miss their presence in your life.

Divorce – Even the most cordial divorce will bring about negative thoughts and emotions. Sympathetic, genuinely useful advice from friends, family and, of course, experienced divorce lawyers will help, but most humans do not easily embrace change. Whether there are children involved or not, moving away from your partner isn’t easy to deal with. Remember always to pay attention to your emotional needs; one way to do this by finding a support group for divorcees. You should also look after the physical side of life by eating properly and exercising regularly; and remember that almost 50 percent of marriages end in this way.

Moving House – This will happen at least a few times in your adult life and even though planning will help, it is impossible to avoid stress entirely. Try to remember that your family is a team, and that by sharing the burden of moving, you can decrease the pressure that falls on your own shoulders. Use lists to plan the movement of your belongings, and try to take a few extra days away from the workplace. Moving is never going to be 100% enjoyable, but if you focus on the positives, it needn’t be the opposite!

Job Loss – Being let go by your company is something that isn’t going to be a pleasant experience, no matter how much you sugarcoat the event. But if you look at this as a chance to better yourself, it can easily be a great opportunity that leads to better things. Remember to keep your chin up, and instead of falling into a slump, get back out there and let the world know that you are ready and available for employment.

Illness – Nobody enjoys feeling unwell, and even the smallest illness can be enough to knock us off our feet. But if you allow it to take over your life, it can be all too easy to lose track of what is important. If we focus on getting better, or at least, facing up to an uncertain future, it is amazing how powerful the human will can actually be. Getting through each challenge in life is what we need to do, and by giving up at the slightest obstacle, we are simply not going to achieve anything of substance.

These are our five proven ways to deal with the most common causes of stress in the modern world. Positive thinking is the foundation of all of them; it may not be easy sometimes, but it really does work.