What To Look For In a Personal Injury Lawyer

Getting injured whether it is in a car accident or at work can be a stressful time. If you have been injured by fault of somebody else then you should consider filing a lawsuit. Lawsuits can cover stress, missed wages, medical bills, and even physical therapy. Many people do not know their options once they are injured and with a hostile offending party, it can lead a person to sign something they might not want to. If you feel like the party at fault is becoming contentious or hostile it is important to seek the help of a personal injury lawyer.

Trial Experience

It might seem funny that a personal injury attorney wouldn’t have trial experience. The fact is that some lawyers just settle out of court all of the time and have actually never taken any cases to trial. Insurance companies know this so they will tend to lowball the first offer as they know the lawyer doesn’t want to risk having to go to trial. Ask a lawyer before hiring them for your case to see trial results. Those who aren’t willing to do this either don’t have trial experience or haven’t won many cases once they have gone to trial. You aren’t going to want either of these lawyers in this case.


Costs and Fees

The price of a lawyer has a huge impact on whether a person decides to hire them for a case. There are lawyers who do not collect money unless they win the case. These can be found by searching no win no fee lawyers Sydney or whatever the city you live in is. Obviously if your suit is for a small amount you won’t want to pick an extremely expensive lawyer so no win no fee lawyers are great for these types of cases. The chance of losing is something that many people weigh into their decision of a lawsuit regardless if they should win or not. Not paying unless you win gives people the opportunity to sue without negative consequence to them.


Having a lawyer with a huge team and plenty of resources can help you get the largest settlement or money awarded possible. Huge teams can allow a lawyer to dig deeper into a case or even find similar cases that a person or company has faced in the past. Large firms generally have more resources but smaller firms shouldn’t be discounted as your case will be taken personally.


The best way to pick a lawyer is through a personal referral. People will not refer friends if they do not believe the lawyer did a good job for them. Often times lawyers refer other lawyers if they are more suited to taking your case. Be careful of this as sometimes these lawyers refer clients back and forth so you might not get the best lawyer for the job. Ask for a few referrals as great lawyers will have numerous clients willing to endorse them after cases being won.

Picking the correct personal injury lawyer for your case will take some work. Not one lawyer is best for everyone so pick one that accommodates what you want out of a lawyer. Some lawyers are in constant contact while others contact you when it is important. Stress what you want out of a lawyer to clarify what is expected. Good luck with your personal injury case!