Who Really Uses Criminal Lawyers

When one faces a criminal court, it is necessary to have a process and a fair trial and guarantees and for this, it is essential to have the services of such lawyers. The current complexity of the criminal proceedings attaches importance to their intervention but, what makes a criminal lawyer?

A criminal lawyer is a law graduate practicing in a case before the criminal courts as a defender or private prosecutor, representing a defendant or complainant. The representation is to devise a strategy of defense or prosecution to prove to the judges with arguments and evidence that his client is who is right. Importantly, there is no maximum number regarding legal-criminal or the complexity of the cases tests. The lawyers often present evidence as official documents, witnesses, visual inspections, medical reports and much more to demonstrate a greater degree of conviction. The careful selection of evidence depend largely on the ability to emerge victorious in the trial magistrate.

The choice of an inexperienced or with little sense of efficiency can mean incarceration of the client for years, so, to be a criminal lawyer, it requires great training and people with character who often can withstand the pressure they are liable to face.

Functions of a Criminal Lawyer at the stage of pre-trial investigation:

  • Familiarization with the criminal case materials
  • Appeal against the court decision to institute criminal proceedings
  • Preparation and filing various complaints, petitions and applications

Seen a suspect (accused) in the temporary detention and remand center

  • Direct protection of the suspect during the pre-trial investigation , the conduct of investigative experiments, confrontations and interrogations and other investigative actions,

the appeal of the chosen court a measure of restraint in relation to the accused (suspect)

  • Line development, strategy and tactics of protection at the stage of preliminary investigation,

the search for the information that characterizes the personality client on the positive side.

Functions of a Criminal lawyer on stage in the court of protection:

  • The study of the criminal case materials,
  • Visiting the accused in pre-trial detention,
  • Direct protection of the accused (client) in the court during the conduct of the case that is all proceedings,
  • To develop the optimal winning line, strategy and tactics of protection at the stage of the proceedings,
  • Training and submission of applications to the court for sentencing judgment without trial,
  • Preparation and filing various complaints, petitions and applications,
  • The study of the trial record
  • Filing comments on the content of the trial record.

It should be noted that the performance of an attorney the authority granted by law may not be made dependent on the discretion of the official institutions of the penitentiary system. Given the characteristics of the status of the convict the right to qualified legal assistance guaranteed him not only to be able to assert their interests in criminal proceedings, but also to protect it from infringing its rights and legitimate interests of actions and decisions of the bodies and institutions executing punishment.